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Season 4: Static - Part 5 - What Will my Daughter Think
The Halo CE Chronicles: Static - Part 5 - What Will my Daughter Think (640X480) -   10/24/2006 26.3MB 164
The Halo CE Chronicles: Static - Part 5 - What Will my Daughter Think (640X480) -   10/24/2006 26.4MB 455
The Halo CE Chronicles: Static - Part 5 - What Will my Daughter Think (320X240) -   10/24/2006 15.8MB 271
7 Comments (last post 01/19/08) -       Totals 890
Total: 20.6GB 890
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Posted By ~Stf~ Chief: January 19, 2008 01:15 AM EST

yeah bob is just trying to make a friend... but for hunters... friends are food. hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Posted By Remembrance: January 16, 2007 01:01 PM EST

in response to Iman, i thought that
Posted By lman: November 28, 2006 08:38 PM EST

awsome episode. did anyone think Bob might just wanna be friends, no me neither. :)
Posted By DarkEagle: November 28, 2006 04:07 PM EST

some nice work I finally can watch som mor HCEC cant wait for the next vid keep going!
Posted By Justarius: November 25, 2006 09:12 AM EST

This was my 1st ep. In general, well done. I thought the voice acting would be terrible but it was above average. Peeked my interest enough to start at the beginning. My suggestion, you hold your shots too long. Reaction shots, protagonist looking or thinking, etc. All are a bit too long. The alien trying to decide which way he went was WAY too long. I realize you want to be realistic, but for that you would need closeup shots of the alien looking for tracks, reaction shots of his frustration, etc. Otherwise, good work.
Posted By Zzzyax: November 23, 2006 12:03 PM EST

Dropship, what about it!?

and i bevieve its called an escape pod, but oh well, people who dont play halo and still watch the show wouldnt really care, so why should people that do :P
Posted By JUSTAKILLER: November 22, 2006 05:52 PM EST

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