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A New Home!

If you found us then you already know that the Halo CE chronicles now has a new home. What started as an experiment in Machinima has blossomed into something much larger than I ever expected. With over 20,000 downloads (I still can't believe it) I figured it was time to start a website of it's own. In addition to the Flash Movie formats we are also offering both large and Small version in both Windows Media Format (.WMV) and soon to come QuickTime (.MOV) format. By utilizing the Halo Maps download system I am now able to offer larger files for your viewing pleasure.

You can also sign up to post in the User Forums and post your comments and questions about the series.

Thank you all for watching. There will be more to come.
- [Posted: Apr-08-2005 16:24 EST - (Link)]

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