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Season 2 Teaser Trailer Available

Filming has already started and thanks to several Halo CE map designers, who have kindly donated either modified or beta maps for our use, the new season's story should have a look like nothing else that has been seen in the plain old Halo Machinima universe. I'm excited.

Several people have written in asking about the actual story, what will it be about, will there be more characters, are you going to blow things up? The short answer is yes.

Season two continues the story of the lone station commander and his lowly Station AI and answers the burning questions left from season one: Why doesn't he act like a Spartan and how many ex-wives does he have... One other question has been one of continuity: Where in the Halo universe does this story fit? Well to that end I have prepared a little teaser trailer for season two. Download it from our video section and see length 01:16 in WMP9 and QuickTime Formats.
- [Posted: May-16-2005 12:03 EST - (Link)]

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