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My father use to tell me...

My father use to tell me "If it's worth doing it is worth doing well" he also would tell me that "nothing is ever as easy as it seems" and even after all this time I am still sometimes surprised when I find he was right.

The second season of The Halo CE Chronicles has turned into a much larger project than I ever imagined and I did in fact imagine it. Production and filming still progresses and all the voice actors and character animator actors have been terrific to work with. The voice cast includes: D.J., Matt, David, Stu, Maureen, Jeff and myself and the character animators are Digikid, Jeff, Brian, Justin and of course me, with more to come. Everyone has been working diligently to make this series something to behold.

The story include vistas from over 20 different Halo CE maps, some designed specifically for our use and includes custom animations, cinematic and captured animation from all the Halo Games. We are shooting all the episodes before releasing the first so that there is no delay in each episode's release.

So be patient. The crew and everyone are working to make this production the best we can because as dad would say ..."it is worth doing well."
- [Posted: Jun-21-2005 12:42 EST - (Link)]

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