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Season two has started

The Halo CE Chronicles Season two has started. After the completely unexpected success of the first experiential season, season two unfolds a new and exciting chapter in the story of the isolated Station Commander and his unlikely companion the station AI.

Unlike the first season there is a singular story line that will unfold across a dozen episodes and intersects the lives of over half a dozen characters. Using vistas from over 20 different Halo CE maps some designed specifically for our use the series moves through and highlights some of the incredible custom animations and stunning panoramas available from the Halo CE game platform. Not limited to just using Halo CE the series utilizes video and cinematic animations from all the Halo Games to tell a story of the Halo universe from a slightly different and more personal perspective.

Taking place before the events of the Pillar of Autumn and the destruction of Halo, The Halo CE Chronicles reveals the untold story of the first Ring World found by humans.

Episode 10 - 'Descent' picks up right where we left our troubled station commander in his escape from the Ring. Starting off with a re-cap of season one, Episode 10 sets the stage for what is to come. So join in the fun and let the story unfold.

The Halo CE Chronicles is available from video section of the website.
- [Posted: Jul-08-2005 15:29 EST - (Link)]

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