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The Halo CE Chronicles Story.

NO there isn't going to be any spoilers in this post about the series but I though that I should answer some of the questions and even some of the criticism we have received.

The Halo CE Chronicles series was conceived to tell a story about a guy, a station commander, stuck at an isolated outpost. It's a story about a flawed individual, a person with personal problems, an imperfect person stuck in a situation with an equally imperfect Artificial Intelligence that somehow learned to talk, and how they manage to handle situations they are not suited to cope with. The story is about people and not about "blowing things up". It is about emotion and personal exploration and growth and not about heroics.

I picked the Halo platform for this machinima precisely because it is a violent video game. I chose the Halo CE platform for it's wealth of custom environments and ease of use for machinima. I wanted to use a violent game to tell what is essentially a non-violent story.

Season one had very limited battles and we never glorified the violence because violence has real and lasting consequences. I tried to explore that theme in Episode 5 - Thy Pain be Mine and Episode 7 - Remembering the Future. The loss of the Commander's friend had a strong and lasting impact on the Station Commander, and his efforts to explain grief to his companion AI was a way of making the subject viable. In season two we will again revisit that theme.

Also in season two we will get an answer to the second most asked question about the series: How many ex-wives does he have? But more importantly we explore the reason why he has had so many. But no story of personal growth would be viable without some stressor to overcome and in season two we get to see it. Yes we get to blow some things up.

Unlike the first season, I have introduced new characters to the story and in season two we reveal the inner thoughts of the station commander and also show him from the point of view of others. We learn more about his relationship with the AI and through their struggle to survive what each is made of. But most of all we watch two individuals grow as they could neither do alone.

Some of you may have noticed that each episode of season 2 opens with a quote from Kahlil Gibran or Mary Haskell. There is purpose behind this choice. Kahlil Gibran was a poet, philosopher, artist, prophet and writer, born in Bsharri, Lebanon in 1883. He is known for many works of art and philosophy but is best know as the author of 'The Prophet' published in 1923. I picked his works over many others mainly because of his over 20 year relationship with Mary Haskell. It is from her journals that most of the quotations derive. And it is that relationship I wanted to parallel in our exploration of these two outcasts.

So what does season two hold for you? More people, more personal growth, more people talking to each other and yes, there will be more action. As a matter of fact I must warn all adults watching this series with their children that there will be some intense battle scenes. Nothing gratuitous but battle scenes nonetheless.

I hope we have crafted a story for everyone to like but most of all I hope we get you to think about the subjects we explore. Because as Kahlil Gibran said about his book 'The Prophet' "[It] is saying one thing: You are far greater than you know, and all is well". And that is the message from The Halo CE Chronicles.

If you are interesting in learning more about Kahlil Gibran visit the website http://www.kahlil.org/ and explore.
- [Posted: Jul-19-2005 16:42 EST - (Link)]

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