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Cast and Crew

Introducing the Cast & Crew - The Bridge Crew

By now within the story you have met all the players and I felt it was time you started meeting the real people behind the series. I may have written and directed it but it was only through the generosity, patience and selflessness of the cast and crew that I was able to make this series happen.

I asked each person to write a short bio for you. Some were shy so I decided to make stuff up about them – actually I’ll just be telling you what I know - from my perspective. Sorry guys you had your chance.

So let's start with the The Bridge Crew:

Captain: Stu France

Stu is a veteran of movie making; he is the principal and owner of France Productions www.franceproductions.com and one of our sponsors. Stu introduced me to real movie making a number of years ago when he lived next door. He needed some help – grunt work - for a project to make three television commercials in three days. So for three weekends I carried stuff, got coffee, packed and unpacked, did what I was told and even assisted in moving a dolly for a crane shot. It was absolutely fascinating! Thanks to him I got to see the real behind the scenes of show business. I guess you could say it got under my skin and never left. When I wrote the captain’s part I literally wrote it with him in mind. He managed to take some time out of his globe trotting schedule to do the voice over and offered a few pointers. The most important was to make my own mistakes and stay true to the vision no matter what.

Bridge Officer: Jeff Coughlin

Jeff is a long time friend. We met back in the day when we both ran dial-up bulletin boards. It was he that introduced me to the Halo game. I guess you could say that it is all his fault. Jeff has never been shy, reserved but never shy and this is what he as to say about himself:

My name is Jeff Coughlin, age 29 (game handle: Looch or Warlock). I design web applications for a living, have a wife, a child, and a white picket fence In my free time I'm usually caught playing games like "BF1942: Desert Combat" or "Battlefield 2". I played Halo when it first came out for the Xbox and briefly played it on the PC.

I wouldn't call myself an actor by any stretch. But since you've asked... I've been in several plays and musicals ranging from High School to College (and a few in local town theaters). Each play I've been in I either had the lead role or was a principle character. It has been some years since I've tempted by acting though Dennis asked me if I could help out with the making of Season 2 for HCEC. Because I've known Dennis personally for many years now I was more than happy to oblige (it was also an excuse for me to play Halo again).

Ship AI – Maureen Domingue

As is customary in Halo the ship’s AI is a confidant, friend and adviser and in this case the same is true in real life. Maureen is my sister and my friend. I have promised not to be crass and reveal her age so you guys will have to keep wondering. When I started this project I was lamenting that I was never going to get a female voice actor to help – girls normally don’t play video games I said- and before I could finish the sentence she had volunteered. She even downloaded the trial version of the game to see what it was all about. I could go on singing her praises for pages but maybe it is better to let her tell you about herself: (As you will see from her background with troubled children she was fittingly prepared for working with the likes of me.)

In real life I have been this ships (The Halo CE Chronicles Writer’s) AI. Assisting UXB Internet with research and data entry. In a past life I was a teacher's assistant, working with severely retarded and multi handicapped children. I was fortune enough to be able to contribute and work with the students in the computer and assistive technology program. I enjoy all type of crafts, painting, knitting, crocheting, and sewing. One of my first performances was as a Baton twirler marching in numerous parades and winning many awards and contests. I later preformed with the Elmsford [New York] theater group in musicals, and plays. I was even featured in several duets and dance routines. As a teaching assistant I took part in a tribute to our students with songs done in sign language.
- [Posted: Aug-04-2005 18:44 EST - (Link)]

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