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Third Annual "Rockets on Prisoner" Awards.

It looks as if The Halo CE chronicles is up for nominations for the 2005 "Rockets on Prisoner" Award. Sort of the Academy awards for Halo Based Machinima. Awards are to be given to the best Halo Machinima videos created by the Fans of Halo and Halo 2 on the Xbox and PC. The Public Nomination Process is cleared for launch and is waiting for your Nominations! Each person gets to submit 1 Nomination each day.

The Main Categories:

Best Movie:
Best Cinematography:
Best Screenplay:
Best Musicial Score:
Best Editing, Sound, and FX:
Best Documentary (*resurrected from 2003*):
Best Series (*new*):
Best Halo 2 Movie (*new*):
Award of Halo Machinima Achievement (*new*):

The Video Sub-Categories:
Best Action Sequence
Best Montage
Best Music Video
Best Trailer

The Character Sub-Categories:
Best Male Performance
Best Female Performance
Best Villian

You don't have to vote for us but go on over and vote at the offical website http://rop.thatweasel.tv/ there are a number of excellent series and movies that have been nominated.
- [Posted: Aug-09-2005 14:47 EST - (Link)]

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