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Episode 15 - Conflict

Birth and Death are the two noblest expressions of bravery. - Kahlil Gibran

With the satellite network now functional and the Fearless' increased scanning of the surface the Covenant presence on the ring is nearing detection. Worried that their real purpose on the ring will be exposed the Covenant gives orders to their field agents to act.

Episode 15 is the start of act three of our little story and sets the tone for what is to come - Conflict - as the Covenant and humans start to clash. The Halo CE Chronicles series has been praised and at the same time condemned for the lack of battle scenes or combat and although primarily a character driven story the universe in which it is set if full of strife and it would be unrealistic to portray it differently.

So action junkies hold on because after the long climb up hill the rollercoaster is reaching its first peak. You asked for it and the story called for it so let there be...Conflict.

I wanted to offer a special thank you to Killa for the use of his modified Hypothermia map and to M4573R51337 - For modifying the Promenade Beta map for our use. Without these map makers this episode would not have been possible. You can find episode 15 in the season two video archive in WMP9, Quicktime and Flash Streaming formats
- [Posted: Aug-15-2005 16:59 EST - (Link)]

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