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Cast and Crew

Introducing the Cast & Crew - The Search and Rescue Team

You have met everyone in the cast and I have introduced you to the bridge crew so now that the Search and Rescue team has been put in harms way it is only fitting that you meet the people behind the masks. I met these guys thanks to the TNT Talent Agency in Wolcott, CT. I had already recruited all the people I could in my family and circle of friends and sill I needed three more voice actors, so I walked across the parking lot from my office and talked to Tom at TNT talent agency. To my surprise he didn’t laugh me out of his office; I figured I was going to be escorted to the door when I told him there was absolutely no pay, instead he started making phone calls to line up people to help out. Even though he was unfamiliar with Halo and never seen a machinima, Tom took his time to line up three great guys to do the voiceovers. Thanks Tom.

Lieutenant - David J. Piwowarski Jr.
David better known as D.J. grew up and still resides in Connecticut. He is currently employed by a financial institution as an IT specialist. His real passion is modeling/acting and hopes one day to pursue it as a full-time vocation. Among other things, he has modeled tuxedos at numerous shows in locations such as New York City and he has auditioned for a commercial for Gillette. He is also an avid fitness enthusiast and sports fan.

Francis – Mathew DeLong
Is a Actor/Singer who tells me he loved using his vocal talents in the Halo CE Chronicles series. With a background in the theater, Matt spends his time eating, drinking, sleeping and playing the piano. Matt is a music teacher by day and a composer by night.

Murphy – Dave McNerney
Dave is nothing like the Murphy character and has a background in film/movies and recording. Dave had a role as an extra, an alien victim, in the Spielberg version of The War of The Worlds. He has had minor roles in the movies Virgin and Slingshot. And has also done numerous voiceover works in radio, corporate and industrial videos. In his free time he has been laying down tracks on a soon to be produced hip-hop/rap Disc.
These guys walked in to my office, had never met me before and in 30 seconds were fully on board with my crazy idea to produce this machinima. Once again I have to say thank you. I couldn’t have done it with out them.
- [Posted: Aug-19-2005 18:12 EST - (Link)]

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