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Episode 16 - Harmony

"...No man can be great without being free". It's part of the quote from the opening of the episode and it's meaning may not be so obvious. It is a broad statement and like most memorable quotation has meaning in many contexts. In our story it refers to the station commander and his companion AI as they find themselves becoming even closer entwined. Close relationships can not truly grow without each individual being free. Free not in the sense of physical bonds but in the freedom to expose the truth to each other.

The title of the episode is harmony. The dictionary description is "pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts". In this episode, even as the Covenant unleashes their new weapon we get to see the station commander and his companion AI find harmony in the new relationship.

The final secret is out as our hero exposes his last hidden confidence to the AI and thereby finds harmony in their situation and the die is now cast for the inevitable clash that is to come as the Covenant too release their secret on the Fearless.

Once again I wanted to offer a special thank you to the map makers who helped contribute to this episode Jack Bauer for his beta version of "The Pillar of Autumn Space" map and Tiamat for the "a30_b_elite_play" map. You can find episode 16 in the season two video archive in WMP9, QuickTime and Flash Streaming formats
- [Posted: Aug-22-2005 14:50 EST - (Link)]

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