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Episode 17 - Prelude

The Covenant has unleashed a fire storm upon the Fearless with their new weapon and has trapped the Search and Rescue team on the ring. This episode focus on the plight of the Lieutenant, Francis and Murphy as they try unsuccessfully to evade the Covenant presence.

Against all odds and with the lives of his men in the balance the Captain comes to a grave decision. The die has been cast and the stage has been set for the storm is on the horizon as Humans and Covenant clash for control over the new technology keeping the Fearless at bay. This is what the action junkies have been asking for, for this is the prelude of what is to come.

You can find episode 16 in the season two video archive in WMP9, QuickTime and Flash Streaming formats.
- [Posted: Aug-29-2005 15:45 EST - (Link)]

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