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Cast and Crew

Introducing the Cast and Crew - The Character Animators

Many hours were spent shooting the videos, many late nights and quite a bit of fun truth-be-told. And it was thanks to these guys that each character had movement and life.

Adam McDougall aka Digikid

Adam is a Computer Technician who lives in Markdale, Ontario. He Loves comedy, video games and always tries to make the best out of any situation. Some times a set up for a particular scene would take many boring minutes to accomplish but Adam would keep us all amused by doing crazy things in between takes. His assistance was invaluable in many ways.

Jeff Coughlin

Jeff also played the voice of Bridge Officer as well standing in as a character animator. His calm quite patience was a fitting counterpoint to Adam's more outgoing personality and the two of them kept me amused and sane nearly every shoot. Jeff hails from Connecticut USA

Brian Powers

What can I say about my brother? He's the smart one in the family and although the younger of my siblings I am sure he helped out just to be sure I wasn't going completely crazy. The thing is I wound up dragging him willingly into my insanity. Brian lives in Florida USA

Justin Powers

Justin is my nephew, son of Brian and the youngest member of our film crew. At the just seven yeas of age, my nephew Justin managed to surpass most of us in his ability to shoot the big 50 Caliber machine gun and fly the Banshee attach craft. I told Brian that his status as the smart one in the family is now threatened by Justin. Justin too lives in Florida USA

So there you have it the entire cast and crew of The Halo CE chronicles ranging in age from 7 to 52. A motley but wonderful bunch who were instrumental in making it happen.
- [Posted: Sep-02-2005 16:22 EST - (Link)]

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