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Episode 18 - Sharing

How appropriate is the title of this week's episode? Selected over 10 weeks ago there was no way I could foresee that this would be an important time for sharing. The victims of Hurricane Katrina now more than ever need all of us to share what we can. If you still don't know how this article will help you find the charity you feel best with.

As for this weeks episode, our hero and his companion are still coming to terms with their new arrangement and after finally gaining some limited access to the satellite network come to the decision that they must act. Meanwhile the search and rescue team has another explosive encounter with their Covenant pursuers.

With only two more action packed episodes left, all the players are in place and the pieces are in play for final the show down with the Covenant presence on the Ring.

You can find episode 18 in the season two video archive in WMP9, QuickTime and Flash Streaming formats.

Parent Warning: This episode portrays graphic violence against individuals and although within the context of the Halo Game is not the norm for this series. Please review before sharing with younger children.
- [Posted: Sep-05-2005 20:11 EST - (Link)]

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