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The Halo CE Chronicles Universe

It sometimes helps to put a story in context with the universe it inhabits. This then is the back-story and universe for The Halo CE Chronicles:

The Halo Universe:

By 2490 the development of faster-than-light Slipspace travel had allowed Humanity to colonize over 800 worlds throughout the Orion Arm of the Milky Way (ranging from highly populated planetary strongholds to tiny hinterland settlements). Outward expansion continued, and the Inner Colonies become a political and economic base of society even though they relied heavily on raw materials from the outer worlds. In all this time Humanity had never encountered sentient alien life.

One of the earliest yet less known colonized worlds of the outer colonies was the moon called "Carters World". In orbit around an immense gas giant located in a remote binary system the small and sparsely populated world was bathed in an unusual combination of radiation: Radiation that subtly changed the genetic structure of the inhabitants. Seeking to protect their genetically different offspring from the scorn of the rest of humanity these fiercely independent and private peoples elected to have minimal contact with the other colonies. Due in part to those isolationist tendencies many stories and myths arose about the peoples of Carters world.

In the year 2517, Even as the Humans of Carters world were evolving into a different kind of human The UNSC had embarked on its SPARTAN II program, a classified program to develop a group of genetically-enhanced super-soldiers. Warriors capable of controlling and utilizing the Project MJOLNIR Armor: a comprehensive package of scientifically enhanced armor, custom-tailored to the biologically augmented Spartans.

In February 2525 all contact with the Outer Colony world of Harvest was lost. A scout ship sent to investigate was also lost and A UNSC (UN Space Command) battle group was dispatched to reestablish contact. They encountered an alien ship in orbit and after a vicious battle a single Human ship limped back to Human-controlled space and officially declared what many had begun to fear: Humanity had a new enemy.

In March of 2525 before the USNC could react to the loss of Harvest, the Covenant stumbled upon Carters world. Unlike at Harvest the isolationist inhabitants of Carters world with minimal local military resources nearly turned away the Covenant forces. In a last minute attempt to avert failure, the Covenant bombarded the moon with nuclear force and literally incinerated the surface and all inhabitants. Only a few small ships filled with several hundred survivors escaped destruction.

In Oct of 2525 A UNSC battle group entered the Harvest system and discovered that everything on the planet has been completely incinerated and the surface melted to glass. Intercepted communications identified the enemy as The Covenant. The message "Your destruction is the will of the Gods... and we are their instrument" was broadcast in UNSC language

The Story of Halo:

The thirty years following the loss of Harvest were marked by pitched battles against the Covenant fleet as world after world fell before the Covenant forces. On August 30, 2552, The Covenant Armada found its way to the Inner Colony of Reach, and engaged in one of the bloodiest battles in the history of Humanity. Humanity lost.

The scattered remnants of the UNSC Fleet entered Slipspace and retreated. The Covenant Fleet began the destruction of the planet. On one of the retreating ships was the sole surviving SPARTAN II super-soldier: John-117, the Master Chief. Following protocol, the ship jumped into empty space before moving toward a populated world. However, the Slipspace exit point held a huge, uncharted orbital installation: a giant artificial ring, thousands of miles in diameter, with an entire ecosystem on the interior surface. Intercepted transmissions revealed that Covenant religious dogma referred to the object as "Halo".

After a brief encounter with Covenant forces in the area, the human ship crashed on the ring and Human forces were scattered across the surface. The Master Chief fought his way across the ring, eventually discovering the truth about the Halo, that it was designed as a super-weapon by an ancient race known as the Forerunners. Realizing the danger if the Covenant forces activated the ring, the Master Chief destroyed Halo and escaped in a salvaged Longsword Bomber.

The First Ring:

In the years between the loss of Harvest and the Fall of Reach the remaining survivors of Carters World tried unsuccessfully to blend into the society of the inner worlds. Some did but many were beset by the myths, stories and prejudice surrounding their birth world and so sought isolated planets on the far side of the galaxy.

The station commander from our story had been badly injured in the defense of his world and in a last ditch effort to save his life and due in part to his unique genetic makeup he was bonded to the cybernetics of the MJOLNIR armor. Although the process saved his life his unique genetics prevented him from gaining full control of the suit. Dependant on it to sustain his life and burdened buy the struggle to control it he was unable to enter the Spartan program.

Like others of his world he too sought the isolation of the smaller worlds, however, his required use of the armor prevented him from blending into their societies. Joining the crew of a deep space survey vessel he departed to the distant reaches of the galaxy.

More that 15 years before the Fall of Reach and 12 years before the commissioning of the refitted The Pillar of Autumn, the deep space survey ship stumbled upon the first Ring World. Apparently uninhabited the ancient construct was far beyond human capabilities and sustained a diverse inner ecosystem. The Survey team decided to commit most of their resources to study the object. Deploying almost their entire scientific package of satellites, they built a mountain top base to monitor and collect scientific data. Never really fitting into the ship board society and longing for the isolation so many of his world crave, our hero agreed to stay behind and man the outpost, accepting a field promotion to Station Commander in the Science Corps. With only a lowly but oddly unique station AI program for company he settled into his Outpost for the duration. Promising to return in 6-8 months the survey ship departed the Ring World and was never seen again.

After a difficult year on the Ring the Commanders life was changed by the arrival of the light battle cruiser UNSC Fearless. Searching tracking a small Covenant vessel to that quadrant the Fearless sensors detect the USNC signals from the outpost and sends a message to schedule a pickup. And hence out story ensues...

Reference: The Codex
Reference: Halo.Bungie.org
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