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Episode 20 - Home & Episode 21 - Naming (epilogue)

The story is now complete! This week I am releasing the final two episodes of The Halo CE Chronicles series and in doing so conclude season two. Why two episodes, you ask? The entire season two of The Halo CE Chronicles is actually one story broken into segments for easier download. Episodes ten through twenty-one encompass 80 minutes of video, several months of filming and editing and follows the adventures and the growing bond between the Station Commander and the unique Station AI. Episodes 20 and 21 are the longest episodes, averaging 12 minutes each, and are the conclusions of the adventure and the final look at the relationship.

Episode 20 - Home - is the action packed dramatic conclusion of battle for the energy cannon.

Episode 21 - Naming - is an epilogue to the story that answers most of the many questions people have about the characters and offers special insight into what the relationship between the Commander and the AI has become. In addition to the full season credits (please watch them) there are some selected season two outtakes. Not only that but you get to finally hear the full title theme.

So this concludes season 2 of The Halo CE Chronicles. Speaking on behalf of the cast and crew I can say we had fun presenting it to you and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did making it. Thank you for watching....... Now: On with the show!

-+ Dennis

You can find episodes 20 and 21 in the season two video archive in WMP9, QuickTime and Flash Streaming formats.
- [Posted: Sep-20-2005 19:03 EST - (Link)]

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