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I never would have believed it. Over 53,000 files have been downloaded of The Halo CE Chronicles episodes. (Counted from the main HCEC website and the two file mirrors Halo Maps and Machinima Movies) and every day we are still getting people new to the series. I say it again: I never would have believed it.

I receive email from some first time viewers who download the first two episodes telling me how bad the series is then later those same people, who for some reason continue to watch it, then write to tell me what fans they are.

The series was conceived as one complete story, not a weekly shoot out, it's low on violence and tells the story of two misfits and outcasts that just don't fit the stereotypical mold of what people think of in a Halo Series. So I guess it takes a while to warm up to it.

Since the episodes are really one story I have re-edited the first season of nine episodes into two movie files to make things easier to download. Both are available in WMP9 and QuickTime format and are 62-70megs each. Episodes 1-5 are in one file and episodes 6-9 in another both available in the Season 1 video archive.

50,000 downloads - I still don't believe it.

- [Posted: Oct-03-2005 19:30 EST - (Link)]

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