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Not a Spartan, Nara and Ten Other Things

I have received a bunch of email so I though it was time to respond to some of the questions I get the most. Season 1 and 2 of The Halo CE Chronicles was a character study of two individuals: Station Commander Harrington, a genetically different human reliant on but unable to fully control the Spartan Armor that keeps him alive and the Station AI who expanded beyond her programming and is still learning about the world at large. In another post I explained the reasons for writing a story of this type so I won't cover it again. I had thought I answered all the questions within the story but is seems that I need to address some of them here:

  1. Commander Harrington IS NOT A SPARTAN!
    I know he looks like one, but one he is not. His unique genetics allowed him to be bonded to the suit as a measure to save his life. But he is not a Spartan. He is not a superman, he has not been battle trained, and he has not been genetically enhanced, strengthened or improved. He is not a Spartan, he just looks like one.

  2. The theme music is Nara By E.S. Postumus. You can find more information about E.S. Postumus at: http://www.esposthumus.com/ (and no I can't send you a copy of the song)

  3. The entire series was filmed using the Halo Custom Edition game (Halo CE) and part (bridge scenes) on the Halo PC game. I used the GameCam (www.planetgamecam.com) video capture software to capture the raw video and then used Windows Movie Editor to edit the clips and add the sound. Halo CE has a developer mode (-devmode) function that allows you to detach and move the camera around the levels. The Halo PC segments were filmed using a utility called Halo FlyCam developed by Shaun Williams (bitterbanana) it is available from the Utilities Section of the Halo Maps website

  4. The Hypothermia map used in episodes 14 and 15 is not finished and has not been released to the general public by the map author. Stop asking for it and stop trying to upload unauthorized beta versions. The version of the map we used in the filming was specially modified for our use by Killa the map author.

  5. The AI's voice was purposely chosen to have a mechanical synthesized sound. I wanted to emphasize that the AI was not like Cortana, was not a battleship class AI and was a lesser AI. I wanted everyone to know that this was NOT the Master Chief and Cortana. Did I mention that Commander Harrington is NOT a Spartan?

  6. Only in the last episode do you find out Commander Harrington's name - you didnít miss anything in the series. This was done on purpose. For the sake of story telling their names were not important until the very end.

  7. The fact that the Commander has a rather large number of ex-wives is an indication of his emotional state. There was something in him, some emotional scar that would sabotage his relationships and eventually lead to his many breakups. Learning to share his life with the AI after not being able to share it with any of his ex-wives was an indication of his change. It also gave me an opportunity to introduce some subtle humor.

  8. How many ex-wives do You think he has had?

  9. Yes, Murphy was supposed to be annoying - the actual voice actor is anything but. He was a link to the Commanders past and another indication of his troubled life. I wanted to show how some of the real Spartans thought of him - not very kindly - and what he struggled through and why his friendship with Jacob meant so much.

  10. I am still considering a DVD but there are some legal and logistical issues to be dealt with first. If one becomes available it will be announced here.

  11. We filmed all the episodes for second season BEFORE we published episode ten to the web. That is why we didn't, couldn't accept your acting help. The series was written and produced before it was distributed. It took over 4 months to produce.

  12. There will be no more episodes in the current storyline. The story is complete. The story was about the melding and healing of the Commander and the AI. However, since the storyline takes place before the fall of Reach and we didnít blow up the ring, there may be more stories of adventure on the First Ring.

Like I said I am still getting email from people new to the series and am glad you enjoyed the show because the cast, the crew and I enjoyed bringing it to you.
- [Posted: Oct-25-2005 13:51 EST - (Link)]

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