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A few weeks ago I was contacted by the machinima.com website with a request to allow them to mirror both season one and season two of The Halo CE Chronicles series. I had to think long and hard about letting them mirror our series on their website. So after about 4.2 milliseconds of deliberation I told them YES.

I am not being modest when I say that I am honored that they even recognized my little attempt at story telling. I wanted to do something different, something thought provoking and something fun. I wanted to look at the Halo story line from a different perspective - sort of sideways - where the hero isn't perfect and in way over his head. Many didn't get it, but that was OK because some of you did and that was all I was looking for. Now it seems that the people at machinima.com got it as well and they are now an official mirror for the show. So tell your friends that they can now get season 1 of The Halo CE Chronicles in the drama section of machinima.com and pretty soon season two.
- [Posted: Jan-10-2006 15:07 EST - (Link)]

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