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Interlude - A History of the Halo Universe

Interlude: Noun - 1) an intervening event or period of time 2) An entertainment presented between the acts of a play. Both of these descriptions fit this episode of The Halo CE Chronicles because it is just that an Interlude.

The Halo Universe has been developed into a rich and complex setting for the video games and most of the Halo Machinima today takes for granted that the viewer knows the story. Let's face it if you play Halo you know the story. But what about those people that do not play Halo? Blasphemy I know - how could you not play Halo? Well, as hard as it may be to believe there are a large number of people who have no idea what Halo is. Yup, that's right they never heard of Halo.

Take a moment and let that sink in. They donít play Halo. They do not know the history. But they do watch movies and machinima. As they watch a Halo machinima they ask questions about things we Halo players take for granted. Like what is a Halo or Ring World? Why does the character have no face? What is with the armor? What is the AI? What is a Spartan? Who or what is the Covenant and why are we fighting them? Without the history of the universe that Halo inhabits the viewer of a Halo Machinima has no context to make sense of what the story is about.

So I took an interlude. I took some time to explain the universe that Halo exists in. It is a history of the Halo universe. It describes man's flight to the stars, and sheds light on the major aspects prevalent in Halo machinima. Such as what's with the armor, what is a Spartan, who are the Covenant and why are we fighting them? This particular interlude tells the story as it pertains to the characters in the Halo CE Chronicles, but the basis is rooted in Halo mythology.

If you are versed in the Halo game you may not find much new in this story but it wasn't written for you. It was written for those who do not know the history or the game. It was written for your parents, or your girlfriend or the guy down the hall who never played Halo but you thought might want to watch a Halo machinima video. It was written to answer the questions I get when showing the uninitiated The Halo CE Chronicles. It was written so I didnít have to explain the universe in season three.

So here it is, the story of the Halo universe as seen through the eyes of Commander Harrington and his AI Andrea. An Interlude: It is avilable in WP9, QuickTime and Streaming Flash Formats in the video section of the website.

Ps: Some of you may get it, some will not, (subtly seems lost today) but the last lines of the story are a double-entendre. A tribute to two people: One that I have read and one who I know. Those who have read the book Ringworld by Larry Niven will understand the first, and for those who visit Halo.Bungie.org I am sure you get the second. The rest of you are on your own.
- [Posted: Jan-24-2006 11:09 EST - (Link)]

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