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The Valley of the Forerunners - News

Season Three Nearing Release

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Season Three of the Halo CE Chronicles - Tales of the first ring is now complete. The full feature "The Valley of the Forerunners" clocks in at 90min and 29sec including the credits. I hadn't expected it to run that long but the story required it. After the first review of the movie I found that it required some tuning and I am sure I can spend another month just tweaking and fixing the things I see wrong. As one of the reviewers told me "you are just too close to it". I guess I am. This project was started October of 2005 and it has been my night time and weekend past time ever since. Now it is time to set it free.

This season there will be 12 videos released one each week - 11 parts and an extras with outtakes. They are not episodes per say, but continuing parts of the full feature. When creating the video I purposely chose not to create episodes. Episodes are little stories in themselves that make up the larger tale. This is one tale one story with one focus.

So I am nearing release. I have finally decided how to break up the feature and am compiling and converting the files. I am also creating a DVD of all the videos from season three - demos will go to the HCEC team and I am looking into printing a limited number for use as gifts to people who donate to the bandwidth costs of the website. So keep watching this space for more updates and if you haven’t, sign up for our mailing list so you will know when videos are released.
- [Posted: Feb-15-2006 19:21 EST - (Link)]

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