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The Valley of the Forerunners - News

Season Three - The Valley of the Forerunners: Part 1

It is finally released. Part one of season three of The Halo CE Chronicles has been release and is available for download in the movies section of the website.  This 90 minute feature will be released in 11 parts, plus a bonus outtakes reel, once a week over the next 12 weeks.

The original concept of the HCEC was to show off the talented work of the custom maps available for the Halo CE game. Although it has become much more the HCEC is still only possible thanks to the talented map makers and this season's story was only possible due to the talents of one in particular:  Matt (Arteen) McGlone. Matt developed the two main maps we used to film this series. Delta Ruins and Augury and he also made numerous modifications to the levels to accommodate the story I wanted to tell. It is through his work that I was able to bring this story to you.

If you are a Halo CE fan then check out some of Matt's other maps:

In order to bring this feature to you there are no credits until the end of the last part so instead of waiting for the end, listed below are the maps used in the filming of season three:

I hope you enjoy the feature.

- [Posted: Feb-27-2006 14:54 EST - (Link)]

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