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Episodes or Parts - What is the Difference?

The other day I was trying to explain the difference between an episodic style machinima and a full feature that is broken up into parts for download. And once again I run squarely into the common stereotype that people can't seem to get past.  From the comments and email I have received it seems that the distinction is lost on most people. So let me try again.

With a short (3-15min) machinima video issued as an episode the pacing of the story is different. Basically each episode has a crisis and a resolution and although the episode can be part of a larger story it can stand pretty much on its own. Interlude from Season three is an example.

The Valley of the Forerunners was written and filmed as a full feature and then broken into parts for download, as such the pacing is different.  The individual parts don’t necessarily have a self contained crisis and resolution but are part of the entire story which has its crisis and resolution. As one scene builds on another the entire story unfolds in order and each segment or part is inexorability linked to the previous and succeeding ones. As a result some parts are exciting and some are not as the story ebbs and flows.

Essentially The Valley of the Forerunners  is a three act play: Act one is "the introduction" where you meet the players, Act 2: "The complication" where as they say the "plot thickens" and then Act 3: The resolution. Because the length of the feature was 90 minutes I had to break it up in to parts to facilitate downloading so basically the parts 1 thru 4 are Act 1, Parts 4 thru 8 are Act 2 and parts 9 thru 11 Act 3. Taken as a whole they set a pace that is different than most episodic machinima which sets a crisis and resolution all in one (3-10min long) download.

- [Posted: Apr-13-2006 10:28 EST - (Link)]

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