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Insignificantly less famous

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Our favorite map designer Arteen, the man responsible for all the maps in the Valley of the Forerunners story has released another incredible Halo CE map (of course I am biased - sue me) named Grove Final.  Besides being beautifully Halo inspired it also has many features that make it great for game play.  As he does in most of his maps Arteen has embedded not one but two easter-eggs.  Each lists a compilation of the famous and "insignificantly less famous" members of the Halo CE community and on that list are Commander Harrington and Andrea. See photo. I won’t tell you where the easter-eggs are located you will have to find them yourself.  It's great to see that our two hero misfits are now officially "insignificantly less famous" than the Famous. - [Posted: Aug-17-2006 11:20 EST - (Link)]

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