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Static: A new story within the Halo CE Chronicles Universe

I have released a short teaser trailer for new short story currently in final production that takes place within the Halo CE Chronicles universe.  Although it can stand alone, for all you continuity freaks out there, this story takes place sometime after the events in Season two.  All I'll say is that it is a story of survival where the main character is one never before featured in a Halo Machinima.  When fully completed Static will be released in 4 or 5 parts. The trailer is available in WMP9, QuickTime and streaming Flash movie formats in the movie section of the website.

I often get asked why all of the HCEC episodes are released in spurts instead of like other machinima series where they release "episodes" months apart. And the answer is simple: I am interested in telling a complete story and not just releasing videos for notoriety. I film the entire story before I release a single video.  The only reason I break up the videos is because the full story is usually too long or large for a single download and I also know that the average attention span is usually no more that 3-5 minutes.   So the countdown has started, very soon you will get to see "Static".

- [Posted: Sep-27-2006 17:21 EST - (Link)]

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