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The Halo CE Chronicles Season 4: "Static"

Season 4 of the Halo CE Chronicles is now available.  This season's feature is titled "Static" and is a tale of survival on the First Ring World found by man.  As I have said before this story takes place sometime between the events of season 2 and Season 3 within the overall Halo CE Chronicles story line.

The Static story introduces a new character to the HCEC universe, Petty Officer Alex Hicks, a technical specialist in non-human technology who was dispatched in episode 20 of season two to investigate and turn off the energy cannon and any other covenant or Forerunner technology menacing the Fearless.

In addition to presenting another look at the Halo universe, The HCEC portion of it that is, by featuring mostly unseen characters in Halo Machinima I also wanted to experiment with a new animation style (You will know it when you see it) in preparation for the next chapter of the HCEC story.  But that is for a later time.  Right now let me present the six part 37 minute story titled "Static": A story of survival on the First Ring.  Released in episode format over the next six weeks all episodes will be available in WMP9, QuickTime and Flash movie formats. Episode 1 is now available in the Video section of the website.

Static features David McNerney as Petty Officer Alex Hicks and was written, filmed and directed by yours truly.  The full credits are in the final episode and the Readme.txt file distributed with each archive.


Voice Actors
Dave McNerney            - Petty Officer Alex Hicks
Dennis Powers             - Station Commander Harrington
Andrea                       - herself

Character Animators
Dennis Powers

Set Design - Map modifications
Anthony (PSIMatrix) Dodd

Custom Maps
Visit http://hce.halomaps.org/ for the Halo CE Custom Maps Used

Special Thanks to:
Anthony (PSIMatrix) Dodd 
Jack Bauer
Wave of Lag

I hope you enjoy the story.

- [Posted: Oct-25-2006 14:51 EST - (Link)]

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