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The Gift - A Halo CE Chronicles Christmas Story

A few weeks ago I had dinner with a friend, someone I have known for years, and as our meals were brought to the table the conversation started to lean more to her talking while I listened.  Even though I was enjoying every second of it and not even considering the slight imbalance she suddenly felt that she was monopolizing the conversation and asked me how people were warming to my latest "game video" thingie (Static).  Now you may not realize the total act of self sacrifice behind this simple question.  You see, she is a person who never plays video games, abhors the violence in them and just doesn’t see why I like them or continue to engage in what is to her a bizarre hobby that supports them. Basically, she just doesn't get it. But she asked the question and being a typical male I launched into a description of the project the problems I was having and a disjointed synopsis of a new story I was writing.

As I poured the second glass of wine I came to my senses, mercifully wound down the boring monologue and tried to turn the conversation back to her.  Taking a sip of the Australian Shiraz we ordered, she thought a moment then looked over her glass and matter-of-factly said "You should do a Christmas video".  Through my surprise, I told her I had always wanted to, but could never find a story that would work.  I had tried, in the past, to write a comedy or a parody but found that I was just not funny so I shelved the idea.  She looked at me thoughtfully and replied "The video game.." "Halo" I supplied, "is a violent game isn't it?" To which I nodded. "Then write what you know".  I must have looked confused because she continued and said, "You know what first comes to my mind when I think of Christmas?". I obviously looked puzzled so with a smile she told me.

For the next couple of days I mulled over that conversation and one evening sat down and wrote this story.  I emailed Matt (Arteen), told him what I wanted to do, what I would need and that I wanted to use one of his maps - Snowtorn Cove.  Faster than I had any right to expect he made the changes I requested, even added some things that enhanced the story even further and sent me the map.

So here it is: The Gift - A Halo CE Chronicles Christmas Story.  It is 16 minutes long and because it is nearing Christmas I am offering it in several flavors and sizes.  It is available in WMP9 format, QuickTime and Flash formats.  in 640X480 (89.1MB) / (90.8MB) High Resolution and 320X240 (58.6MB) / (50.2MB) Low resolution sizes.

Oh yea, if you are wondering what she told me about Christmas you will have to watch the video because her words are in there verbatim. This one is for her.

- [Posted: Dec-18-2006 16:48 EST - (Link)]

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