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The Halo CE Chronicles Comic

I am not an artist, I don’t draw and never learned to color, I always envied my ex-wife for her talent in that.  Since my illness a few years back, I find myself more as a storyteller and with the availability of technology found I could easily create decent quality low cost machinima for my story. 

I am long time fan of Comic books and through my ex-wife have actually met and talked with Bernie Wrightson and Jeffrey Jones when they shared a studio in Woodstock, NY and once had lunch with John Byrne as reward for saving him from the ravenous horde of fans, by holding then blocking the elevator, at a fan convention in NYC that occurred just after Marvel killed off Jean Grey.  I am absolutely sure none of them will remember me, although Bernie may remember my ex since he gave her some lessons, nonetheless I have been always been in awe of their talents.

People have asked and yes there will be another season of the Halo CE Chronicles. Season 5 is in production with a video titled “The Ring of Life” and it will be the last movie in the story of Commander Harrington and Andrea.  In the story we introduce two new characters, Taylor and Johnston - marines, who like the Commander, Andrea and the other small contingent of marines are now stranded on the Ring World. The First Ring World.

As I wrote the initial draft of the story I found myself getting off on tangents exploring Taylor and Johnston and losing sight of the main story.  I wanted to keep season 5 to around 60 minutes so after several re-writes most of Taylor and Johnston’s story was removed.

I liked these guys and felt that their story should be told and in the process maybe fill in some of the gaps in the videos such as what was this First Ring’s purpose and who or what is Gaia and how does Gaia fit into the fabric of this particular Ring.  The story spans the entire Halo CE chronicles stories released so far and you will see references to events in the videos from the perspective of our two intrepid survivors.

So here it is The Halo CE Chronicles Comic titled “Shipwrecked” a story of survival about Taylor and Johnston as they explore the Ring.  Like machinima, the Comic has been made using the actual Halo CE game engine with custom maps modified for this specific use.  Each panel is a screenshot from the game taken using the developer’s camera feature and then enhanced and touched up using Photoshop.  Since I didn’t draw it maybe it should be called a “machcomica” ( mack-comic-ah ) or machine comic. I hope you find it enjoyable.

- [Posted: Mar-07-2008 16:55 EST - (Link)]

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