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The Ring of Life News

The Ring of Life - Part 6 Conclusion

The epic double length (17 minutes) conclusion of the Halo CE Chronicles story The Ring of Life is now available.  The Commander and Andrea come face to face with Gaia while the marines hold off the sentinels.  And one of them makes the ultimate sacrifice.

The video can be viewed or downloaded in Streaming or Windows Media format from the Halo CE Chronicles Website, downloaded in WMV format from the Halo CE Maps website or viewed at the Halo Movies Website in streaming format. 

After I wrote the script I knew that the two most important parts of the video would be part one and part six so when making the video I wanted to be sure that they were special.  In part one the opening sequence needed to tell the back-story of the Commander and introduce suspense and foreshadowing that would lead to the viewer to this final conclusion.  Part six being the climax of the story and I knew that for the story to work it had to be visually impressive for a machinima.  With a map made by Matt (Arteen) McGlone specifically for the video and a powerful emotion evoking score written by Harry Gregson-Williams for the Spy Game movie, I delved into the various existing animations present in the game and was able to isolate the ones that would better tell this part of the story.  In order for this sequence, and thereby the entire story, to work this part of it had to be special.  It took a while to accomplish and was the first part of the video that was filmed but I was finally able to unlock the necessary body language of the characters to convey the full emotional impact of the scene.

So here it is part six, the conclusion of the Ring of Life. Please watch it all the way through to the end of the video, the credits are short so you won’t have to wait for the real end of the story.

- [Posted: Sep-01-2009 13:43 EST - (Link)]

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