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New Halo CE Chronicles Story in the works

It has been a whole year since I last posted.  For some of you that is an eternity but us old farts have seen so many pass by already that well… I guess it’s still a long time.  Although people blame the economy for most everything this was truly a result of more time being put into my business that into my hobbies.  But I haven’t forgotten about my own special Halo characters, Commander Harrington and Andrea, and although their story is pretty much complete with the Ring of Life the pocket universe I created still holds one more tale. 

I am currently working on another story to be presented in comic form, like Shipwrecked, but one that is a bit darker and that should answer many of the questions people have had about the series like what happened to survey ship and the cruiser.  I don’t want to give anything away but as I write this I am about a quarter of the way through the creation process.  So check back or signup for our mailing list because sometime before Christmas The Halo CE Chronicles will be presenting a new story titled “Fearless”.

- [Posted: Sep-22-2010 16:27 EST - (Link)]

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