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Fearless Another tale of the First Ring the history

The Halo CE Chronicles has been a creation of mine that I started back in 2006 as an experiment in PC based Halo machinima.  Its primary purpose at that time was to show off the new user made maps that were created for the Halo Custom Edition Game and the first “season” of videos shows just how experimental the idea was.  The concept was to throw two hapless characters together, a non-Spartan in Spartan like armor and a “dumb” AI that somehow reached a higher level of sentience by inhabiting the suit, and have them crisscrossing the Ring World looking at vistas made by the fan base while making smart-alecky remarks.   Around episode five I realized that this would get boring real fast so I started creating a back story, a reason they were there and an antagonist to either fight or run from.  Essentially I started writing a story.

The basis of the story, which I seem to have to repeat, is that it takes place over 20 plus years before the Halo event and the fall of Reach in a distant part of the galaxy on a Ring world created by the forerunners.  In my telling it is the first Ring World found by man.  How it fits into the “cannon” of the Halo universe you will finally see.

Season two introduced a larger story, still focused on our two heroes, but with more players and painted on a larger canvas.  I created a more detailed back story to support the main players and used it to frame the rest of the storylines in season three, four and the final Ring of Life videos.  I wanted these stories to be about personal struggles and not the shoot’em up war adventures seen in other Halo machinima so Season three investigated the Commander’s reluctance to take command and the AI’s introduction to other humans.  Then in season four, Static, I made a total departure from most Halo machnima in that the main character wasn’t even a Spartan and the Commander and the AI Andrea only had a cameo appearance.    I had learned more about the game engine and in The Ring of Life was better able and more believably tell the Commander’s and Andrea’s final story.   In it I introduced two new characters from the marines stranded with them, Taylor and Johnston, that I mostly cut out of the season five script so I explored their back story in the Shipwrecked comic, another experiment in storytelling using screenshots.
Which brings us to Fearless:  I had received a number of emails asking about the Frigate that brought the Commander and the Cruiser that came later then left in season three. (I just counted them there were 185 emails containing that question and yes I save them.)  At the urging of my nephews I finally decided to write the full story of both ships.  It’s the back story for the entire Halo CE chronicles adventures and should answer all the questions.

Fearless is presented in Comic form and interweaves the existing stories this time told from the perspective of the Ship and then in part two takes off on an untold tale of the first ring.  It’s a pretty big story populated with numerous characters including those seen in the videos and other comics.  Over the next eighteen weeks the story will unfold and hopefully entertain. I think it will answer your questions about the Halo CE Chronicles.   So without rambling on any further I present Fearless – Another Tale of the First Ring.

Dennis Powers

- [Posted: Sep-06-2011 16:37 EST - (Link)]

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