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Fearless - Chapter Two

I am not a writer by trade; I’ve been a technology geek before it was ever fashionable and cool.  I’ve read comic books, science fiction and the classics and yet I always had a hidden desire to tell stories about characters I liked.  But I am not a writer by trade.  The Halo universe fascinated me; it is rich, diverse and open, loaded with pathos immersed in conflict and yet filled with hope for humanity.  Halo inspired me to finally write.
Heroes abound in Halo and until now the Halo CE Chronicles has always been about a reluctant one, or should I say two.  But not this time: Fearless is about the everyday heroes, the people doing a job, the men and woman of the military, of the UNSC.  Captain McAlister, Lieutenant Commander Foster, Lieutenant Scott, these are the people I’d really like to be.   Their adventure is just starting. ther is so much more to tell.   So I hope you will join them as they jump further into danger and deeper in the world of the Halo CE Chronicles.

Fearless starts here and chapter two starts here.


- [Posted: Sep-13-2011 15:20 EST - (Link)]

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