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The Halo CE Chronicles - Fearless Chapter 3

Making Fearless took some time because I had to first find maps that fit the story and then modify them sometimes making several versions of the same map with minor but important changes.  It was time consuming.  In some cases I couldn’t find either the tag or the map I needed and had to ask for help.  Not surprisingly, each time I asked, someone offered and stepped up to the plate to help.  I would not have been able to finish the comic without them.  From individual tags and assets to complete maps, some not released to the public, the Halo Custom Edition community pitched in the help out.  I wanted to thank them here.

The following people supplied either tags, assets or maps for this project:

Derek Perry
Sean Pesce
Alexander Gonzalez
Daniel Waldau
Radu Machedon
il Duce Primo

Thank you guys for your assistance it made all the difference.

The Halo CE Chronicles: Fearless  chapter 3 is now online for viewing.  They have found the missing Borealis and the mystery deepens.

Fearless starts here:

Fearless Chapter 3 here

- [Posted: Sep-20-2011 18:19 EST - (Link)]

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