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The Halo CE Chronicles Fearless Chapter Seven

The story has reached a cross-over point where events depicted in the Season Two videos also appear in the comic.  The Season two videos start at the beginning of chapter seven and Fearless expands on the the Halo CE Chronicles story and coming conflict by showing what happened from the perspective of the Ship .  One of the things you may note as different is that in Fearless the search and rescue team are ODST’s where in the videos they are depicted in Spartan armor.  This is because at the time the videos were produced ODST bipeds were not available.  There are also some very minor dialogue or scene setting differences but nothing that changes the Halo CE Chronicles Season two story. You may also notice that the two stars of Shipwrecked also make an appearance, tying all the story lines together in this one chapter.  I hope you enjoy this alternate look at the Season two video storyline which started with episode 10 Descent and continues in Fearless Chapter Seven.

Fearless starts here

Fearless Chapter seven here

Season Two Videos here

- [Posted: Oct-19-2011 02:24 EST - (Link)]

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