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The Halo CE Chronicles Fearless Part Two Chapter Eleven

After the release of season 3 of the Halo CE Chronicles one of the most asked questions I received was what happened to the cruiser Fearless after it left to investigate the slip events at the edge of the solar system as shown in part one of The Valley of the Forerunners season three.  As I said in the first post on this story I always had a back story in mind and this one is it.  Part two of Fearless is the untold story of exactly what happened after it left the Commander, Andrea and the company of marines and scientist on the ring world.  Sit back enjoy the ride and watch Captain McAlister, Lieutenant Commander Foster, Commander Scott and Kaylee do what they were trained to do in Fearless Part Two.

Fearless starts here

Fearless Part 2 Chapter eleven here
- [Posted: Nov-15-2011 19:42 EST - (Link)]

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